Hello GoodBye Show 30 April 2011: The Choo-Choo Trains and The Windsors

The honeymoon is over!

Performing live in session on Hello GoodBye this afternoon are The Windsors and The Choo Choo Trains.

The Windsors rose from the ashes of the legendary Kenny Process Team. Simon King (guitar), Matthew Armstrong (bass), Phil Bartai (keys) and Paul May (drums) play jewel-like tunes written specifically for the band by Kevin Plummer, the genius tunesmith behind KPT. “The music of Plummer and cohorts remains of interest to fans of forward-looking electric guitar music with a rock base, and stylistically is somewhere between the precision control of surf rock groups such as the Ventures and the almost classical compositions Captain Beefheart created in collaboration with guitarists such as Zoot Horn Rollo and Gary Lucas.” Eugene Chadbourne

The Choo Choo Trains is the most static band in England, the best band in the world. They are Veronica, Emma and Sarihi and they play music for the heart and soul. They have supported bands like Television Personalities and Wet Dog and have also received much praise from Kurt Cobain’s wheelchair pushing friend Everett True. The Choo Choo Trains is dedicated to Elvis Presley, the King of Rock’n’Roll.

Track List:
Mari Elliot – Silly Billy
The Windsors – Baby Oscar’s Birthday (LIVE SESSION)
The Windsors – Hut (LIVE SESSION)
The Windsors – The Orient (LIVE SESSION)
The Broken Family Band – Borrowed Time
Erin K & Tash – Jiggy Miggy
The Windsors – Interview
Flame Proof Moth – Americans In Nunhead
The Mekons – Prince Of Darkness
Ferris Blood – The Count (Dear Puppeteer – Episode 2: Pure Fantasy *excerpt)
R.D.F. – Rebel Soul
Foss – Katharsi
Jess Bryant – Stone Lady
Now – Party
Electricity In Our Homes – Don’t You Want To? (Follow)
The Choo Choo Trains – Colours (LIVE SESSION)
The Choo Choo Trains – No. 38 To Your Heart (LIVE SESSION)
The Choo Choo Trains – Save Me (LIVE SESSION)
The Choo Choo Trains – Hilma (LIVE SESSION)
Splodgenessabounds – 2 Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps Please
Fireworks Night – One Winter, One Spring
The Choo Choo Trains – Interview
X-Ray Spex – Oh Bondage Up Yours!