8-Bit Adventures: Episode 3

Jake and Andrew present it straight from the chip. Expect to hear fresh joints from your favourite obsolete computers and consoles and moans about work. 30 minutes of bleeps from the worlds best 8-bit musicians.Produced and recorded by Richard Clark-Hill.

See www.kittenrock.co.uk for info.
First broadcast Thursday 25th January 2007

2 thoughts on “8-Bit Adventures: Episode 3

  1. hey there

    Hey mr bored

    Are u deliberately trying to make it hard to snag ur podcasts passim wif these adobe flash playback things? Yeah yeah I can run audacity and snag the output from the sound card outputs, but why bother when ucould do a little bit better with playing with hrml while bored at the office? I bet ur goodie two shoes, jsut pretending to be bored. Yes Msr Smythe, I’ll lick ur shoes clean, yes I’ll go to Pedestal for you

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