Laydeez do podcasts: Small press special

Laydeez do podcasts: Small press special

Listen to a recording of three presentations by small press creators given at Laydeez do comics in February 2011 – Sean Azzopardi, Francesca Cassavetti (with Nick Tesco) and John Miers talk about their self published comics and graphic novels, their interaction with the art world, visits to Angouleme and much more.
(Introduced by Nicola Streeten, recorded and edited by Alex Fitch)
Running time: 1:14:43 / recorded 28/02/11

Ed by Azzopardi, Most Natural thing by Cassavetti and Babel by Miers

Ed by Azzopardi, Most Natural thing by Cassavetti and Babel by Miers

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Links: Sean Azzopardi’s website
Francesca Cassavetti’s website
John Miers’ website

Info about Laydeez do comics

Laydeez do comics: Art and other disciplines

The March 2011 Laydeez do comics meeting features a variety of guests who have an interest in comics and other media / disciplines…

Woodrow Phoenix Comics artist, writer and illustrator. Creator of graphic novel Rumble Strip and developed cartoons on the Cartoon Network.

Jo Tyler: Lecturer and Programme Co-ordinator for Radio Production at Bournemouth University

Ros Archer Camberwell drawing course artist who combines comics and sculpture and previously studied Biochemistry at Oxford!

plus the continuing fortunes of London Print Studios interns mentored by Karrie Fransman

Monday 21st March 2011, 6.30 – 9.30pm
The Rag Factory, Heneage Street, off Brick Lane, London

(listen to recordings of previous LDC events at Laydeez do podcasts)