Hello GoodBye Show 12 March 2011: Poino and fos

Performing live in session on HG this Saturday we have both Poino and fos.

London based avant-rock trio Poino sound like Darth Vader swallowing a swarm of hornets in a jam session with early Led Zep while hell-bent on a suicide mission to perform the very best of The Cardiacs. Their thunderous tunes surreptitiously twist and turn with all the grace of an effervescent HGV pirouetting in the eye of a tornado! Hear them trail blaze their way through a short set of live songs taken from their debut album ‘Moan Loose’, available now through Horse Arm Records.

fos is the contemporary folk music project of London based Greek artist Katerina Koutouzi. fos combines; accordion, glockenspiel, harmonium, piano, melodica, daouli (a traditional Greek drum) and conch (one of the oldest instruments on earth) with a subtle palette of crystalline electronics to create an altogether organic and melodic soundscape. fos has just recently released her latest LP ‘rock’.

…and also expect to hear a tour diary account from HG co-presenter Michael Garrad as he cruises the Burrito Bars of Chicago and Texas with his anarco-punk outfit Chips For The Poor. Follow their up to the minute exploits via Twatter: HERE

Track List:

Chips For The Poor – Weather Channel
Poino – Bad Bag (LIVE SESSION)
Poino – Complex Hammock Compound Swipe (LIVE SESSION)
Poino – Snakes Say Wow (LIVE SESSION)
Leila Adu – Fortuna
Poino – Interview
Wet Dog – I Can’t Say It
Pet Scenes – Living The Dog
Chips For The Poor – Audio Tour Diary From Chicago
Extradition Order – Your Brow Furrowed
The Count Of Chateau Noir – The Dead Language
Comus – Diana
fos – Un Coutral (LIVE SESSION)
fos – With The Seagulls II (LIVE SESSION)
Jack Hayter – I Stole The Cutty Sark
fos – Interview