Wavelength – Richard Thomas part 1

Good afternoon, you are listening to Wavelength on Resonance 104.4FM.

Today’s mystery guest is Richard Thomas, content manager of a well known radio station;
“The first time I knowingly encountered you was at an event off the Bethnal Green Road on the upper floor of a factory building, on a Sunday afternoon, probably 6 years ago now, organised by Mattin and Joel Stern. I showed a film and then Nishide Takehiro started a performance which involved you blowing into a plastic hosepipe immersed in a bucket of water. Hugh Metcalfe might have been playing a guitar. On leaving the factory building and approaching the Bethnal Green Road, almost directly opposite is a business premises with a large sign above the door which says “William English and Son, Funeral Directors” which came as a slight shock. I mean if you have to come across your own namesake in that way, it would be preferable to perhaps come across something more glamorous or cheerful, a Florist perhaps or a Piano Tuner…  anything but a funeral director…

Have you ever come across someone with the same name as yourself?”

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