Sine of the Times 19/02/2011

Exploring the past, present and future of London’s underground dance music scene with Thomas Lee and Rita Maia. This week the bass-loving duo are joined by Super Recordings artist Ph0t0machine for an exclusive mix. If you like your tunes deep and Detroit-y (and frankly who doesn’t?) this ones for you.


EL-B – I Feel (Ph0t0machine Remix)
Illum Sphere – Blood Music (Indigo Remix)
Heptones – Ting A Ling (Version)
Ph0t0machine – Untitled
Groove Chronicles – Stone Cold
Ph0t0machine – Technicolour (Raffertie Remix)
Ph0t0machine – Bitch
Ph0t0machine – Sine Language

Ph0t0machine Mix:
Floating Points – Peoples Potential
Actress – Hazyville
Joyce Muniz – Bedstories (Cosmintrg Remix)
Photek – 101 (Boddika Drum Machine Remix)
Breach – Man Up
Ph0t0machine – Obeah
MJ Cole – Manta

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