Wavelength – Sound poetry flexidiscs

Bob Cobbing 1920-2002:
Quote from Bob Cobbing in Ceolfrith Number 26: Bob Cobbing and Writers Forum.”colony – a version” flexidisc from typewriter 4 1973 with Peter Finch on jews harp.
“Green Computer” and “Yak Poem” from Birdyak Green Computer 1988 with Hugh Metcalfe.
“Khajrej” extract 1972 with Anna Lockwood from the EP L “Autonomatopek 1 issued with Opus journal for the arts.
“Marvo Movie Natter” (Voices: Cobbing, A. Lockwood, Jeff Keen) and “Spontaneous Appealinair Contemprate Apollinaire” (1968) both tracks from OU 34-35.