Marvin Suicide: 105 – Love thy neighbour.

“Hey man, have you heard that groovy show that exclusively plays music found freely and legally on the internet?”

“Yo word?”

“Word is bond man. Its called ‘marvin suicide’ and its the bomb.”

This is the exact transcript a contact of mine overheard between two MPs in the Houses Of Parliament. I couldn’t believe it, but you can’t question FACT. For that is what it is.

1. Pome Poem by bpNichol, Goa:

2. Loose You by Chenard Walcker, Archisex:

3. Mossa by Daniel Andreasson, Shitzuke EP:

4. Goodnight Miss by Catgut:

5. Oak Island Pt.2 by Boy Makes Music, Oak Island EP:

6. Komponent Video Edit by Apparat, Silizium EP:

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This episode was broadcast on the 25th January 2007. Please visit for previous shows and more information. Plus I would love it if you were to send an e-mail to: marvin’AT’ (please replace ‘AT’ with @).