Hello GoodBye Show 5 February 2011 with Ulysses Storm and Songdog

Live on today’s show we had live music from Ulysses Storm and Songdog plus episode three of Duncan McAffee’s Your Voice Travels.

Full details are here.

Track listing:
Hamilton Yarns – Hello
Songdog – Goodbye Isabelle (LIVE SESSION)
Songdog – Fairy Tale (LIVE SESSION)
Songdog – An Old Man’s Love (LIVE SESSION)
Niall Spooner Harvey – All My Cats Are Dead (HG Archive)
Songdog – Interview
The Talented Losers (Sexton Ming) – Small Village
The Talented Losers (Colin Shaddick aka Uke Stanza) – Barking
Sexton Ming – Tired Old Dog
Duncan McAfee – Your Voice Travels (Episode 3)
Ulysses Storm – Scatter Seeds From The Rocket (LIVE SESSION)
Ulysses Storm – Genie Looks To The Skies (LIVE SESSION)
Ulysses Storm – Hate Crime Of Love (LIVE SESSION)
The Hellset Orchestra – Thank God It’s Judas
Ulysses Storm – Interview
Damo Suzuki & Now – 1 + 1 = 1
Pheromoans – Monged On Valium
Jack Hayter – I Stole The Cutty Sark