Marvin Suicide: 100 – Have a rubbish holiday.


More music downloaded freely and legally on that there internet.

***This week with a cheesy new flavour***

Here is the tracklist with links to where all the songs and thingies were found:

1. WXRT – Xmas On The Moon by Gulag Picture Radio, Interplanetary Materials Compilation:

2. 4-bit Christmas by Vim!, 4 Bit Xmas EP:

3. Remotely Remixed by Remote Jesus, Kept Yan-Ficiously Alive:

4. Jesus Was A Pigfucker by Alex Pearson, WSB:

5. The Night Before by Novelty Salesman:

6. Ding Dong! by Protoplasm Daddy, Hippocamp Xmas Compilation 2004:

7. Snowballs by Dinah Bird:

8. We All Stand Together by V/VM, The V/VM Christmas Pudding:

9. Jingle Bell Jesus (with Zephod) by _KhlER3L, Dot9 Collaborations Compilation:

10. Another Man’s Vine by Tom Waits, Blood Money:

11. Let It Snow by Bit Shifter, The 8bits Of Christmas Compilation:

This episode was broadcast on 21st December 2006. Please visit for previous shows and more information. Plus I would love it if you were to send me an e-mail.