Marvin Suicide: 99 – Create some steak up in this place.


Like music? Hate the capitalist overlords that control most of it? Got an internet connection? Then by golly, this is the show for you. All the music and sounds played on marvin suicide have been downloaded freely and legally from the internet. Woohoo. Sometimes normal, sometimes odd, but all times on a ragga tip. Well, no actually. I’m from Wiltshire and drive a Renault 5 ‘Campus’.

Here is the tracklist for episode number 99:

1. Lambdoma by Blue Sky Research, Losing It EP:

2. Every Thought I Have Don’t Mean A Thing by Bumtschak, Mash EP:

3. Seven Days by Rose Polenzani:

4. Untitled by Burton Van Deusen, Artsounds Compilation:

5. Uncanny Valley by Djinnestan, Hasenpfeffer:

This episode was broadcast on 14th December 2006. Please visit for previous shows and more information. Plus I would love it if you were to send me an e-mail.