Marvin Suicide: 96 – The Newest of New Shoes.

Hello and good evening. Tonight in the news: Bobby gets some new shoes that make it on the news, which shoes should you choose when holidaying in Honalulu and Lulu tells us which shoes she uses whilst on the loo.

Please find below the tracklisting for this episode of marvin suicide. ALL the music and sounds played have been found freely and legally on the internet. Check it one time:

1. Ghost In The Shell by Ecoform, Ghost In The Shell:

2. British Bulldog by Mark Henning, The Dogs Bollocks:

3. Tale From Black by Tunng:

4. Hanna-bi by Biomekanikal, Furesha No Hana:

5. Fjarskanistan by Amiina:

This episode was broadcast on 23rd November 2006. Please visit for previous shows and more information. Plus I would love it if you were to send me an e-mail.