Marvin Suicide: 94 – Word up my booties.

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In this weeks exciting installment…I…erm…play some music and talk complete rubbish. Here is the tracklisting for the show, I hope you enjoy it:

1. Hard Shoe by Vagina Jones, Karneval Der Vagina:

2. Dope Dragon by Flextronic:

3. Infinity Part 1 by Megatone, Pure Land:

4. Intro by Enjumi, Der Morgan Davor:

5. Nichts by Enjumi, Der Morgan Devor:

6. Tell Me Everything by Richard Prince and Bob Gober, Audio by Visual Artists – TELLUS 21:

7. In The Still Of The Night by Dondero High School A Capella Choir, Pop Concert 1995:

This episode was broadcast on 9th November 2006. Please visit for previous shows and more information. Plus I would love it if you were to send me an e-mail.

8 thoughts on “Marvin Suicide: 94 – Word up my booties.

  1. elvis

    who the fxxx is flextronic??? this guy is a hero! dope dragon is a monster & surely the tune of the day…BIG BIG MUSIC!!!!!! I want more!!!!

  2. Matthau

    Duuuuuuup dragon! Yeah! Great wobbeling bassline, moody chords and a nicenicenice harp interlude. Want to hear this real loud!
    Flextronic – this is the next shit!

  3. pet`r bronka

    PSSSST i am the real dope dragen in the real shity world jo man and he is flying in the sky ! big up man

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