Ventures and Adventures in Topography

Episode 1 - Brent Cross

Ventures & Adventures in Topography presented 
by John Rogers and Nick Papadimitriou,
is a show taking you on a series of 
lop-sided rambles around the margins 
of London,exploring zones and areas 
of the city drawing on an eclectic 
range of references,influenced by old 
\topographical books, psychogeography, 
deep topography,
and the hopeless mis-reading of maps.

This week we’ll be taking you on a drift 
from Golders Green to Brent Cross,
exploring the liminal zones in-between, 
land on the cusp of redevelopment
and a derive through the Regional Shopping Centre 
during late-night midweek shopping.
Includes field recordings, reading by 
Heidi Lapaine from Walter Benjamin's
Arcade Project and music from Europa 51.

4 thoughts on “Ventures and Adventures in Topography

  1. julie carter

    I love your programme! Yes, you are historians, creative historians of the poetic school. Academic historians tried to make History into a Social Science and use number crunching as its basis…but that’s only one way of looking at our world. Listening to your episode which featured Brent Cross shopping centre gave my visit there the other day a little more emotional connection – I felt more friendly towards the place and more at home. Your show has a subtle warmth and much love has been put into it…
    Julie in the Northern Heights…

  2. john

    Many thanks for the kind comments. I always liked Will Self’s idea that psychogeographers are local historians with attitude.

  3. FifePsy

    Just discovered this and very much enjoyed the first programme. Look forward to listening to the others. Isn’t radio a great medium for documenting this type of activity?



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