Reality Check: Future Publishing? part 1

Reality Check: Future Publishing? part 1

Tom Hunter (Award Administrator for the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Science Fiction Literature) chairs a panel on the future of publishing in the digital age:

The publishing industry is coming under assault from all sides. Are Kindles, iPads and smartphones signalling the end of traditional paper publishing? How will the publishing industry re-shape itself for 2050?
Panelists include: Paul Graham-Raven, a freelance writer, editor and webgeek, genre fiction reviewer and editor-in-chief of the near-future science fiction webzine Futurismic; Paul Rainey, a cartoonist, illustrator and creator of serialised web and print comics The Book of Lists and There’s No Time Like The Present; novelist Gary Gibson, Nova War is his fourth book and his second Dakota Merrick title, following 2007’s Stealing Light; Dave Bradley, Editor-in-Chief of SFX magazine, Europe’s best-selling sci-fi and fantasy periodical. With questions addressed to the panel by John Freeman (Doctor Who Magazine) and Alex Fitch (Panel Borders). (part 1 of 2)

Clockwise from top left: comics by Paul Rainey, Futurismic blog by Paul Graham-Raven, SFX magazine cover, various novels by Gary Gibson

Clockwise from top left: comics by Paul Rainey, Futurismic blog by Paul Graham-Raven, SFX magazine cover, various novels by Gary Gibson

Recorded live at the Apollo Piccadilly cinema, Spring 2010 (recorded and edited by Alex Fitch)

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Links: Paul Rainey’s website
Gary Gibson’s blog
SFX magazine website
Paul Raven’s Futurismic website
Arthur C. Clark awards website

Listen to Alex’s interview with Paul Rainey about his work

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