Marvin Suicide: 83 – On the ones and twos.

Good day. If you want to rave like you’ve never raved before then please have a listen to this weeks programme. I believe if you live in Australia its called a “rage” or “raging”.

Below is the tracklist for your information:

1. Musica Para Robots by Christian Dittmann, Cosas Simples:

2. The Breeze Of Hibernation by Ezekiel Honig, It’s Getting Cold Outside:

3. Z-Program (Mark Henning Rework) by JPLS, Quad EP:

4. La Foire Aux Monstres by Pheek, Episodes:

5. Ballistic Missile Armed by Agnes, Trust Matters:

6. Precious Sweet Friday by Apoll, Unhappy Anniversary Compilation:

Come on whistle posse, let me hear you blow.