Marvin Suicide: 81 – My ears have eyes.

Hello to you. Apologies for the tardiness of this weeks show release. I have been walking amongst the hills and the internet is a shy old beast at the best of times, especially amongst them there hills. Please find below the tracklisting for show 81, which was broadcast on Resonance 104.4FM on the 13th August 2006.

1. Trace 2 by Fp, Trace(s):

2. The Maker by Beak, El Hacedor EP:

3. Weiff, Ich by Batfinks, Peach Route EP:

4. Sinking Feeling by The Race, If You Can:

5. Berzinel by Genetic, Leighf EP:

6. It Keeps Me Up by Youth Club, The Museum Pieces:

Bye bye.