I’m ready for my close-up: Filming Domestic Archaeology

For our second podcast: one of the most recent shows (to give listeners a chance to get to the exhibition before it closes)…

Alex Fitch interviews Chris Allen, founder member of the Light Surgeons, a company that produces films and multimedia events. Their current project is an exhibition called Domestic Archaeology which is at the Geffrye Museum in East London until the 28th of August. The show features video and photographic depictions of modern living rooms plus interviews with the inhabitants.

Links:The Light Surgeons
Domestic Archaeology
The Geffrye Museum

Originally broadcast 3rd August 2006 (27 mb)

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  1. taylor bow

    I haven’t gotten anything done today. My life’s been dull today, but shrug. I can’t be bothered with anything recently, but oh well. I’ve just been sitting around doing nothing. What can I say? So it goes.

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