Radio Gallery number 5: Crossfading

Authors: Loris Gréaud and Karl Holmqvist
Broadcast date: July 31, 2006

‘CROSSFADING’ refers to the encounter of two sources of sound, that is two different frequency waves sent to each ear. The effect is one called ‘Lucid Dreaming’ that leads to a modified state of awareness, a moment of clarity during a situation of sleep, within which thoughts control and analytical thinking are emphasized. The listening conditions need to be optimal to experience this phenomenon, which otherwise manifests as a feeling of lethargy and a confusion of noise sources, amongst other noticed effects.

Loris Gréaud’s performance ‘CROSSFADING’, involving the diffusion of such distinct frequencies to an audience for 41 minutes and 24 seconds, was first realized in Maine, US on 20th August 2004. It was subsequently realized in Vietnam, Japan and the UK. Never previously broadcast for want of permission, this is Crossfading’s first appearance on the radio.

For Resonance FM’s version of ‘CROSSFADING’ there is a voiceover by artist Karl Holmqvist that gives the background to ‘CROSSFADING’ and a description of its own coming about. Karl Holmqvist is well known for his artistic practice that has already included various forms of voice experimentation and its potential for altering reality and dream, which finds a logical continuation in this unique collaboration with Loris Gréaud.

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  1. flore

    this program was really nice, i’m writing an article on it. it’s the only collaboration between Gréaud and Holmquist?

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