Epistaxis Time: Boo-hoo, Review and Interview

This episode contains a sob story, but more importantly: a celebrity interview(!), but I shan’t spoilt it by revealing too much. How refreshing! Here’s a mapping to guide you through this episode’s construct:

  • JJ and his Substrates – Submarining
  • Magazine reviews
  • It Seems So Right, It’s Wro-ho-ong – The Effeminate Xylophonists
  • Sludgemunchkin – Sludgemunchkin
  • Heimlich Manoeuvrability – Cindy’s Workout Tapes (No. 14)
  • Untitled Lament for a departed celebrity

One thought on “Epistaxis Time: Boo-hoo, Review and Interview

  1. king bonk

    A tour-de-force. My favorite line: “Get this PAAHTY STAHHTED…um, if thats any incentive.” Brilliant. No wonder about the A-levels. BTW whats an A-level?

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