Epistaxis Time: Sonic Portraiture

Under a cloud of financial/general difficulties our host finds himself homeless, so woos us with his ’sonic portrait’ skills that showcase his potential as your personal in-house artist (if you grant him accommodation, that is). A marvellous gem from his music collection follows:

  • Sam Jones – Hero
  • An enthused reading of a poem entitled ‘Onion’ ends in… yes, you’ve guessed it: tears. Literally, in fact, as our host has an accident of the wet, lukewarm and gold variety.
  • Ron, Pamela and Betty in conjunction with the Whetstone Amateur Melodramatic Society – Neighbourhood Watchdogs
  • The joy of looking in bins
  • Dean – How Do You Make Money?
  • How Do You Make Money (instrumental ‘Employee of the Month’ remix)