Ventures and Adventures In Topography

Episode 5: The Story of Roxeth by T L Bartlett.


In this episode Nick and John explore the lost ancient quarter of Roxeth as described in T L Bartlett’s Story of Roxeth. Bartlett creates ‘deep topography’ of the area now known as South Harrow, outlining its mythology, history as a Roman settlement, its fields and rivers and the birds, particularly the Rooks from whom it derives its name.

(Tim Bradford, author of The Groundwater Diaries, joins the team for a walk following the Roxbourne stream.)

With readings from The Story of Roxeth by Heidi Lapaine.

Ventures and Adventures in Topography is a show that looks at the rich tradition of early 20th century topographical walking guides to London and the South East and explores what use they might be to us today. Presented by John Rogers and Nick Papadimitriou.

Originally broadcast on 2nd December 2009.