Harmon e. Phraysier: Universal Signifier Sucks!

Harman e Phrayser has just entered a time portal disguised as the notorious female archaeologist, Professor Bronte Twiblett-Jones.

Now he’s popped out the other end “like toothpaste from a tube”… but which of the multitude of infinite paralell universes has he ended up in? This question and many others will be answered in this week’s fun-packed episode of the Harmon e. Phraysier show.

3 thoughts on “Harmon e. Phraysier: Universal Signifier Sucks!

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  2. False Name

    Further to Earle Martin’s post of 25 May 2006, it seems that “Great Land and Sea Battles” is also out of order; thus the three episodes should be heard in the following order:-
    “Great Land and Sea Battles”;
    “If You Can Dig It”; then
    “Universal Signifier Sucks!”
    Apologies if this has already been noted elsewhere.

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