Mind The Gap: Every Sunday at Six

A weekly round up of all the best bits, funny-smelling stuff and outright lies from the Sunday Papers – from the Financial Times to The Morning Star via The Mail on Sunday.

We’ve already read ’em all so you don’t have to!

Plus theatre, gigs, cinema and tv to beware of – with a soundtrack of new tunes that you should’ve already heard, but haven’t….

our contributors include theatre director Phil Willmott reviewing the West End and anything leisurely, Paul Carr from The Friday Project casting a jaundiced eye on the news, Lucy the Fringey Girl drinking and flirting in bars and at gigs, Grace Dent from The Radio Times on tv to avoid, plus the editors of The Penny Magazine and the Film Editor of Time Out…

Everything you need to surf the zeitgeist, with a wry smile playing about your lips

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