Hooting Yard: The Vanquishment of Anaxagrotax

One of the more arresting facts about Dobson is that he spent a five-year period living in an evaporated milk factory in Winnipeg. Such was the hold on him of this location that he devoted no less than sixteen pamphlets to it. According to the statistician Aloysius Nestingbird, Dobson wrote more words about this factory than on any other topic. What was it about the place that exerted such a fascination upon Dobson? How significant is it that, during his stay there, the factory was still functioning, producing thousands of tins of evaporated milk every week, and not, as it is today, an abandoned ruin populated only by screeching birds? Was the workforce aware that the pamphleteer had taken up residence in an unused room on the mezzanine floor, and that he had attached his own design of bolts and latches to the door to prevent his being disturbed? Or that the carefully-lettered sign on the door, reading “S Q Perkins, Janitorial Padré”, was a fake of Dobson’s devising?

  • Anaxagrotax
  • Pontiff Mnemonic
  • Pale Flapper (A Love Story)
  • The Blot Family
  • Starlings
  • Dobson In Residence (An evaporated milk factory in Winnipeg)
  • The Tale of Gaspard
  • Excessive Revolver Shooting and Other Matters

This episode was first broadcast on April 27th 2005.

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