Panel Borders: Handmade and Bound

Panel Borders: Handmade and Bound
Originally broadcast 20/11/08 as an episode of Strip! on Resonance 104.4 FM

Dickon Harris presents a special report about the affordable ‘zine and comics book fair – Handmade and Bound – and talks to a quintet of small press comics creators: Gareth Brookes, Gavin Burrows, Sean Duffield, Richard Cowdry and Peter Lally. Dickon also talks to one of the founders of Handmade… – Simon Last – about the success of the fair and the small press scene in general…

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Links: Handmade and Bound website
Gareth Brooke’s website
Banal Pig comics blog
Gavin Burrows’ blog
Paper Tiger Comics / Sean Duffield’s website
Peter Lally and Richard Cowdry’s blog – The Bedsit Journal
Listen to Gareth Brookes perform in part 1 of Gemma Cantlow’s Stand-up Comics
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Comics news: Paul Gravett’s annual ComICA festival runs from 14th to 26th of November and includes talks by Art Spiegelman, Ian Rankin and Dave McKean and is on at the ICA and V & A museum in London. More info at

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This year’s festival also includes a special Comiket all day event hosted by London Underground Comics

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