Stand-Up comics part 1

Stand-up Comics” * part 1
Originally broadcast 14/08/08 as part of Strip! on Resonance 104.4 FM (London)

The first half of the final one hour edition of Resonance FM’s weekly comic book show Strip!** is a special ‘zine-style show curated by Gemma Cantlow, editor of the ‘zine Layby Perk and features a variety of small press creators performing music and spoken word pieces on the radio.

Stand-Up Comics logo

Stand-Up Comics logo

Here’s the track listing…

1 ) Gareth Brookes (Appalling Nonsense) – “Smell of the wild”
2 ) Steven Tillotson (Banal Pig Comics) – “‘Round Michael Douglas’ House” (performed by Dan Lester / Monkeys Might Puke)
3 ) Gareth Brookes – “Jolly Bear”
4 ) Ambergris / Matthew Thurber (1-800 Mice) – “Anti-Matter / Alma Mater”
5 ) Ambergris / Matthew Thurber – “Ice Water”

For more info and various formats to download, please visit the home of this podcast at / Listen to part two

*Alex Fitch is clearly responsible for this pun…
**Strip! will be back in September in half hour instalments…

Comics news:

London Underground Comics Low Energy Day

London Underground Comics' Low Energy Day

LUC is proud to announce its SECOND festival of the year, Low Energy Day on the 30th of August.
After the success of No Barcodes, with its beautiful atmosphere, universal profit making and footfall of over six hundred visitors we’ve decided to do… well pretty much the same again actually.

Plus a couple of sexy bonuses:

Last time we had twelve tables and fifty two exhibitors, this time we are spread over two areas, meaning we can ditch the tables that weren’t in prime positions. We now have ten tables in the original No Barcodes hall, and another five in the centre of the busy Market Hall next door, allowing us to accommodate more creators than ever before, and hopefully give people who asked for space after we were full before a chance to participate.
DJ Laurence Powell from small press legends Modern Monstrosity (Tales From The Flat) will be entertaining us all day with his comics themed mixes in the middle of the main room.
On top of that expect the usual food discounts for taking part in the event, opportunities to sell comics to a large and unsaturated market, and the chance to meet and make friends new and old in the beautiful and popular Camden Lock Market.

Also: On now until the end of August – “Caption Comics Collective” at the Jam Factory

Caption Collective exhibition at The Jam Factory

Caption Collective exhibition at The Jam Factory

Comics artists Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, D’Israeli, David Baillie, Sally Anne Hickman and many more display their artistic wares at this gallery show in Oxford. More info at