June Loves Janet – the original Clear Spot episode

Julia Davis & Jessica Stevenson present June Loves Janet, an improvised, experimental hour of comedy from the stars of Spaced, Nighty Night, Shaun Of The Dead, Human Remains, JAM and just about any British comedy worth its salt produced in the last six years. New stuff so fresh it has bits in it.

7 thoughts on “June Loves Janet – the original Clear Spot episode

  1. Delysid

    You mean there’s more?

    Good heavens, yes then, if there’s more please do podcast ’em. This is a brilliant hour of… stuff. Improvised funny stuff from two women with very sexy big brains soaking in skull vats of caustic wit.

    We loves June loves Janet!

  2. Delysid

    Hm, there doesn’t seem to be a link to download this piece, though there was when I listened to it in the past. So you stream it on this page, which means you have to listen to it here and now and can’t load it into an iPod in the usual podcast fashion.

    Or you can download the mp3 using this link:


    I found it by googling:

    “june loves janet” download

    I’m still googling around to see if any other episodes of June Loves Janet can be found on the web and will report back if I find any.

  3. Delysid

    Yee-haw! I found two more half-hour episodes on the Resonance FM website, in the same directory as this Clear Spot episode. Here are the URL’s for both shows:



    Are there more “June Loves Janet”‘s out there? Were there ever more than the one Clear Spot and two April 2005 Resonance broadcasts? I’ll post links here if I find any.

  4. salimfadhley

    I believe that only three episodes of J+J were ever recorded. The reason given to me at the time for this abruptly ended series was that one of the performers found herself pregnant and had to curtail this show in order to do her paying obligations. Anyway, dont ask me – I dont make the stuff, I just podcast it. :-)

  5. anon

    This is excellent stuff! One criticism about the site in general though… This section is called ‘Podcasts’, yet you cannot download the mp3s without doing some snooping around to find out where the flash audio player is streaming the files from.

    In future please provide links to the actual files! – not having these links negates use of the word ‘podcast’! *joey tongue in bottom lip*

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