Midnight Sex Talk: Pain & Pleasure

Midnight Sex Talk – Pain & Pleasure

BDSM, CP, topping, bottoming – what does all this mean to you? Do you think that the first two are network protocols, and that the others must be cookery terms, even though you’ve never heard Nigella mention them? Or are you a fully fledged member of your local community, and a regular attendee of the kind of club that the tabloids send undercover reporters to, (even though they already know what they’re going to write)?

Do you think that inflicting physical pain on someone, (or having it done to you) however consensually, is simply torture by another name? Or is it the ultimate transfer of power, and the only true way to work out your own needs and desires?

Helping us untangle it all are Monkey and Mistress Vamp from Unfettered, which hosts the annual Kinkfest.

Midnight Sex Talk is broadcast on alternate Sunday nights, from 11.30pm-12.30am, on Resonance 104.4 FM. More info about us