Electric Sheep podcast: Peter Greenaway and the Raindance Film Festival

Electric Sheep podcast: Peter Greenaway and the Raindance Film Festival
(Peter Greenaway interview previously broadcast 30/10/08 on Resonance 104.4 FM as part of that evening’s “Clear Spot”)

This month’s Electric Sheep Magazine Podcast is a Raindance Film Festival special. ESM is proud to be a media partner of Raindance and this year the magazine’s editor Virginie Sélavy conducted a Q and A at one of the screenings and wrote an article on Faye Dunaway for the Festival brochure while assistant editor Alex Fitch conducted a couple of Q and As and was granted an interview with Peter Greenaway after the British premiere of his new film Nightwatching.
In this podcast you’ll hear Alex’s Q and As with director Guy Ducker about his short film Lover’s Lane and with the filmmakers – David Boaretto and Charles-Henri Belleville – and members of the cast – including Nhamo Shire, Mike Martin and Pierre Henry-Fontaine – of the new British Basketball film Midnight Madness. Alex also talks to Mr Greenaway about the crossover between filmmaking and fine art and the master painter Rembrant’s position as a pioneer of both.
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Links: Wikipedia pages on Rembrant, Peter Greenaway and The Raindance Film Festival
Websites: www.raindance.co.uk, www.petergreenaway.info, www.guyducker.com, www.midnight-madness.com

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