VENUS RISING with artist Jemima Stehli

VENUS RISING with artist Jemima Stehli

A series of 8 conversations about women and art, presented by Sharon
Gal. Each program presents a different conversation with a woman who
has direct

involvement in the field and guests include artists, curators, writers
and collectors. The series explores the wide perspective of women’s
experience and investigates the role of women in shaping art and
influencing the art world.

In this episode Sharon Gal is in conversation with artist Jemima Stehli whose

work explores issues arising from the representation of the nude
female body. She appears in the work herself, as subject or object,
most often as both and challenges notions of desire, narcissism and
critical distance by performing nude for her camera in her studio

Originally broadcast on Wed, 8 Oct, 17:00 – 17:30