Podcast FAQ – Read This First

Podcasting? What is that?
Podcasting is best described as “radio on demand”. As a listener (or “podcatcher”) you subscribe to the programmes of your choice using a Podcasting program like Juice or even iTunes, which can now handle podcasts too. This program then automatically checks for a new show and if one is available, it downloads it automatically. So, for example you could leave your computer on, and have the Podcasting program download the show overnight while you’re asleep. Then, you have the show ready to play on your computer or MP3 player of choice in the morning.

So basically I can download radio shows and listen to them anytime I like?
Exactly. Rather than have to tune in at the broadcast time of the programme, you can simply download the show and listen as your convenience.

Is the Podcasting program free?
Yes. We recommend using Apple iTunes (Mac & Windows) or the Yahoo Music Engine (Windows Only). Both are free. Linux users should try Castpodder.

What format will the podcasts be in?
They will be in MP3 format, meaning you will be able to play them on any portable media player, as well as any PC, Mac or Linux platform computer.

What shows will you be podcasting?
You can see a list of the shows with their own podcast feeds here. In addition to this though, we will soon be running a number of categorised podcast feeds, which will receive a range of shows that fit that category. So for example the Comedy podcast feed will feature the likes of Kevin Eldon’s “Speakers”, Frank Key’s “Hooting Yard”, the Bing Selfish show etc. Complete details on this will be posted shortly.

Will there be exclusive podcast content?

Absolutely; we intend to make available various exclusive shows that will not be broadcast. To keep track of what shows we are podcasting, we recommend keeping an eye on the Podcast Updates page, which will tell you exactly what shows have been added as they go online.

Where can I learn more about Podcasting?

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia have a comprehensive article on the subject.