Hooting Yard: The Churn in the Muck (Reloaded)

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“You asked me to save the village from Doom. I have communed with a variety of weird and tiresome shades to seek guidance. You are correct, your village is imperilled. There is only one way to rescue it from the coming agony. Three of your number must travel many miles distant, to the town of Hoon. There, they must find a churn, possibly broken, the churn of Hoon, which has had engraved upon it a rather fetching likeness of myself. Do not ask why. Having scoured Hoon for this churn, and found in Hoon this churn of Hoon, it must be brought back here, with due haste, and hurled into the boiling sea from this very spot on the cliff’s edge. That task complete, your village will once again know glee. I have left unmentioned one crucial point. The three who will venture to Hoon, there to find and return the Hoon-churn, must all be called Ned. That is all.”

This episode was first broadcast on the 9th of March 2005.

  • In A Bog (Blodgett)
  • At the Hop
  • The Stench from Outer Space
  • Three Extracts from “The Book of Gnats”
  • Massacre of the Innocents at Hoon
  • Swiss Family Robinson

This episode was first broadcast on March 9th 2005.

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