Marvin Suicide : 165 – Jeff Dion

Jeff Bridges: “Where does all this music come from?”

Celine Dion: “The internet.”


1. Cantador, Chico Correa & Electronic Band:

2. In The Fields Of (Lonely Fences), Languis, Other Desert Cities EP:

3. Venecian Blinds, Giraffe, Dusty Windows EP:

4. Treppe Nach Unten, Digitalverein, Zu Hause2:

5. Bounty Killer Killer, Knifehandchap:

6. Beat Drun Juel, Mar-Tie, Beat Drun Juel / Mea Deserets:

7. Get Up, Alan Singley, Audiobicyclette:

8. Forward On Jah, Disrupt, Jah Bit Invasion EP:

9. The Joke Gets Worse, Chickedy & McGuffin, Meand:

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