Marvin Suicide : 161 – Stop moping about silly billy

All the music and sounds played on marvin suicide have been downloaded from the internet for free and in a legal and law abiding manner. Yes, I was a very good boy at school and never got into trouble.

Here is the tracklist for this episode, complete with links to the website where all the songs were found:

1. Cocksucker Blues, David Vandervelde, Daytrotter Session:

2. Hebden Bridge In November, Jonathan Fisher, Desiderata:

3. Doch Was Nun?, moNomeNtal, Ziel & Zweck (Entgultige Version):

4. Encoded Flow (feat. Kadence), Dabrye, Two/Three:

5. Tenderoni, Chromeo:

6. Jealousy, Stitch:

7. The Worlds #1 Hardcore DJ, Machinochrist:

8. Sampled Souls, Juno6, Queue:

9. Electric Princes, Jennifer Gentle:

10. Mandan Dink, Death Vessel, Stay Close:

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