Marvin Suicide : 160 – Let The Meat Control Your Body

Dear One and All,

Having a wicked time here. Weather is mostly hot and the pool is always full :-( Haven’t done much exploring although I’m determined to have a look around before we leave. You won’t believe how cheap the booze is though, I’ve bought out the local shop’s supply of paracetamol!!! LOL.

The tan is coming on pretty well although I fell asleep after a few too many sambukas at lunch time and burnt my front, never mind. Going out to another club tonight so won’t notice the sunburn after a couple of hours 😉 If you know what I mean.

Catch you when we’re back.

Rob Lobster


1. Tommy (Outro) by .Khi, I Had A Dream:

2. Untitled by Jean Smith:

3. Speading Comets by Andrey Kiritchenko, Scatter Stars:

4. Where Could I Go But To The Lord by The Progressive Seven Shape Note Singers:

5. Watcher Of Dust by Nick Cramer, Barren:

6. Paracusia3 by Chui Longina, Paracusia EP:

7. 3-1-2 by Johan Wieslander, Gas:

8. 30deg-22 by Johan Wieslander, Gas:

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