Marvin Suicide : 158 – Come on ya’ll, let’s rock this s**t.

Hi there,

There is a lot of bad language in this episode, so if you’re not 100% groovy with that then please do not listen.

But apart from the profanity it really is an absolutely wizard time. Oh my gosh, I’m feeling quite thrilled just at the thought of it, so I am.

Every song has been freely and legally downloaded from the internet, and if you have a look beneath these letters you will find the tracklisting with links to where everything was found. Super duper:

1. The Way Back Home by Cubehog, The Way Back Home:

2. Roots Tracker by Benja, BO Marley vs. Disrupt:

3. Have a W**k by K**t And The Gang:

4. Axis Of Life by Barefoot Brothers:

5. Wait A Minute by Osborne, Ghostly Swim Compilation:

6. The Chipmunk Song (Remix) by RIAA, Merry Chrismash Compilation:

7. Llamed by Kev Hopper:

8. Sonic The Hedgehog 1 – Level Themes by The Video Game Pianist:

9. Song For Deleting Memories by Mike Verde, Hypocenter:

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