Hello GoodBye – 02.11.13 – Ft: Lene Lovich Band

Lene Lovich
Lisa Geurts + Beth Rogers (Hello GoodBye team)

Lene Lovich Band perform live in session on Resonance FM.

blurt – Midi dans le Midi
Astrakan – Comets and Monsters
The James Worse Public Address Method – The Moontangled Fellidary
Yinka / Sabatta – I Don’t Exist
The Leonard Cohen – In/Out
Lene Lovich Band – Angels (LIVE SESSION)
Cineplexx – What Goes On (Velvet Underground cover)
Lene Lovich + Jude Rawlins – ‘Interview’
Blindness – Last One Dies
Kirsten Morrison – Kubla Khan
Lene Lovich Band – You Can’t Kill Me (LIVE SESSION)
Council Tax Band – The Bigger the Budget
Lene Lovich + Jude Rawlins – ‘Interview’
Devices – Offshore
Lene Lovich Band – Details (LIVE SESSION)
Shopping – Hanover Cure
Lene Lovich + Jude Rawlins – ‘Interview’
Two Ton Boa – Cash Machine

Live presenters: deXter Bentley + Dan Frost
Live sound engineers: Tom Kemp assisted by Lisa Geurts + Beth Rogers