Hello GoodBye – 29.06.13 – Ft: Mary Ocher, Jude Cowan Montague + Now

Mary Ocher
Jude Cowan Montague

The final episode in the current series of Hello GoodBye, deXter Bentley will return to air at noon on Saturday 5th October on Resonance 104.4 FM.

Featuring live performances from: Now, Mary Ocher and Jude Cowan Montague.

Pissinboy – A Padoue
Mary Ocher – The Sound of War (LIVE SESSION)
Mary Ocher – Baby Indiana (LIVE SESSION)
Mary Ocher – On the Streets of Hard Labour (LIVE SESSION)
Mary Ocher – The Android Sea (LIVE SESSION)
Mary Ocher – (As free as) The Great Outdoors (LIVE SESSION)
Your Government – Man Vs Air
Mary Ocher – ‘interview’
Tim Fulker – Coast
The Wave Pictures – Body Burned Away
Jude Cowan Montague – ‘interview’
Jude Cowan Montague – Poem 1 (work in progress) (LIVE READING)
Jude Cowan Montague – Poem 2 (work in progress) (LIVE READING)
Jude Cowan Montague and Wim Oudijk – Rabbit Fish
Jude Cowan Montague – Poem 3 (work in progress) (LIVE READING)
Digi Dub – Zin Zo (remixed by DoDo)
Pere Ubu – Thanks
Now – Lonely Chair (LIVE SESSION)
Now – Listen Out for Sounds (LIVE SESSION)
Now – Tomorrow Setter (LIVE SESSION)
Now – Innards (LIVE SESSION)
Now – ‘interview’

Presenters: deXter Bentley + Ean Ravenscroft
Live sound engineer: Tom Kemp