Wavelength 2006 June 4th – Percussion tracks

Edgard Varese; Ionisation (1931) for 3 bass drums, 2 side drums, 2 snare drums, tarole, 2 bongos, tambourine, tambour militaire, crash cymbal, suspended cymbals, 3 tam tams, gong, 2 anvils, 2 triangles, sleigh bells, chimes, celesta, piano, Chinese blocks, claves, maracas, castanets, slapstick, guiro, high and low sirens, lion’s roar (Nonesuch 1974).
Bow Gamelan Ensemble; Black Betty/Pyrotechnics ‘Offshore Rig’. From the vinyl LP Great Noises that fill the Air (Klinker Zoundz 8804 1988).
Musique Akara. Tambours de bois. From Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinee (Ocora OCR 86).
Luis Agudo; Agudu from the LP Afrosamba (Red Record VPA 172).
Kip Hanrahan/Jack Bruce: You can tell a guy by his anger, from Exotica 1992.

William English