Hello GoodBye – 16.02.13 – Pay-As-You-Go Resonance FM fundraiser

Resonance FM’s fundraising drive continued this afternoon with The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show, where contributors purchased prime-time FM airtime at the rate of £10 per minute, helping to raise over £900 for the greatest radio station in the world.

deXter Bentley would like to thank everyone involved for their generous support!


Dog Chocolate – Hello Goodbye Show (x 2)

St. Just Vigilantes – Cola Noir

Hendrik Huthoff – Evil Baby

J. Temperance – Go Away

J. Temperance – Tell You What

Teta Mona – Love

Ross Blake – House of Miracles

Settles Street Band – New Life

Alex Hamilton – Arches and Seizures

Steve Rushton aka The Excremental Poet – Toilet Collector

Skinjobs – Cargo Cult Parade (Triple Condensed Version)

Roguish Stranger – Sophie Sunshine

Being 747 – Make Things Happen

Jail – I Got You

Rob Cryer – Paddy McGee

Blindside – Femme Fatale

Chris Wallbank and the Cowards – The Living Daylights

Bradbury’s Breme Egg – Pipex Dream

Ace Face – Something About You

Milk Kan – Bedders Stop Drinking White Ace

Corporal Machine And The Bombers – The Days Of White Lightning

Lucy’s Diary – The Party Line

David Cronenbergs Wife – You Should Have Closed The Curtains

Polly McClean – Missing

Dirty Viv – 60ft Snake

Unit – Resonance Rocks Out

Robin The Fog – All Cow No Poke

Presenters: deXter Bentley & Dan Frost