The Bike Show: Vive Le Tour // Civilised Streets

Celebrating Bastille Day and the first week of Le Tour De France plus a discussion of civilised streets with Louise Duggan, streets advisor at the UK’s Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE). Just six days until this year’s Dunwich Dynamo….

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One thought on “The Bike Show: Vive Le Tour // Civilised Streets

  1. Richard Irving


    being a Dunwich Dynamoist (?) of long standing (including the inaugural ride in 1993) on both solos and a racing tricycle, I now ride the route I prefer (a mix of older and newer routes) and now do it in two halves (Saturday morning 3.30-7 am so most of the ride is dark). I do exactly half the distance to Castle Hedingham where I live with my family – I chose Castle Hedingham as a result of early Dun Runs – spend the day with them and then rejoin the ride at midnight. It’s a lot better than hanging around all day in London – where I live during the week. It still all adds up to 117 miles. The incidental advantage of the Saturday early am start is no traffic or boorish locals to ignore

    Looking forward to July 4th and 5th 2009!

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