Panel Borders: The art of Dave Gibbons (Being Dave… part 1)

Panel Borders: The art of Dave Gibbons
Orignally broadcast 10/07/08 as part of Strip! on Resonance 104.4 FM

Click here to watch videoIn the first of two podcasts about artists called Dave who worked with writer Alan Moore, Alex Fitch talks to artist Dave Gibbons about his career from humour strips to 2000AD, Dan Dare to Green Lantern. Alex talks to Dave about his career so far, working on more personal projects such as The Originals and his thoughts on the current Hollywood adaptation of Watchmen.

Read an abridged transcript of the interview in Wheel Me Out magazine

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This episode is also available as a video podcast

Links: Wikipedia pages on Dave, Watchmen and The Originals
Page on Dave’s work at Lambiek and 2000AD online
Watch Fitch and Gibbons in a youtube video advertising Oli Smith’s LUC stall
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To quote one of the stars, Oliver Lambden: “Alex Thomson, Jack Tomkins and Jon Hull recently completed their final piece for their film degrees at Manchester Uni and they decided to make a short documentay all about Modern Monstrosity and The Camden Comics Stall. Give it a watch, it’s bloody awesome, the soundtrack’s amazing, it’s only ten minutes long and it’s viewable here…”