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Hello GoodBye – 05.10.13 – Ft: Skinny Girl Diet, Benjamin Folke Thomas + Rowan Coupland

Skinny Girl Diet

Benjamin Folke Thomas

Rowan Coupland

Live music show with deXter Bentley and crew on Hello GoodBye this Saturday lunchtime. The first of a new series with Skinny Girl Diet (Pop-Punk), Benjamin Folke Thomas (Americana) and Rowan Coupland (Acoustic Pop).


Benjamin Folke Thomas – Extend No Greeting (LIVE SESSION)
Benjamin Folke Thomas – Married Blues (LIVE SESSION)
Benjamin Folke Thomas – One More Ride (LIVE SESSION)
Benjamin Folke Thomas (and Bill Thomas) – ‘Interview’
Teta Mona – Cross the Line
The Wave Pictures – Like Smoke
Rowan Coupland – Puzzle Pieces (LIVE SESSION)
Rowan Coupland – Lucciole (LIVE SESSION)
Rowan Coupland – Skeleton and Ivory Urn (LIVE SESSION)
Rowan Coupland – Muscle Memory (LIVE SESSION)
Echowood – Shipwrecker’s Revenge
Rowan Coupland – ‘Interview’
Melodians Steel Orchestra – The Man Who Sold the World
Staer – Flashing Teeth of Brass
Skinny Girl Diet – Burn Outs (LIVE SESSION)
Skinny Girl Diet – Lazy Eye (LIVE SESSION)
Skinny Girl Diet – Wasted Smile (LIVE SESSION)
Skinny Girl Diet – Comedown (LIVE SESSION)
Art Trip and the Static Sound – Stop
Skinny Girl Diet – ‘interview’
Piper’s Son – Mining

Presenters: deXter Bentley + Dan Frost
Live Sound Engineer: Tom Kemp (assisted by Lisa Geurts + Beth Rogers)

Hello GoodBye – Sat. 17th Nov. – Serafina Steer & Skinny Girl Diet

Serafina Steer and Skinny Girl Diet perform live in session on Hello GoodBye this Saturday lunchtime.

Abstract pop harpist Serafina Steer returns to the show to promote her new single ‘Night Before Mutiny’ (Stolen Recordings), produced by her long standing fan Jarvis Cocker (who also directed the accompanying video, which happens to feature two members of the GB Olympic synchronised swimming team)

Skinny Girl Diet are a London based female, grunge pop trio.

Izes – Mask Made of Skin
Serafina Steer – Night Before Mutiny (LIVE SESSION)
Serafina Steer – Island Odyssey (LIVE SESSION)
Serafina Steer – Ballad of Brick Lane (LIVE SESSION)
Serafina Steer – Machine Room (LIVE SESSION)
Serafina Steer – The Crying Game (LIVE SESSION)
Hamilton Yarns – The Sea Wall
Serafina Steer & Kristian Capitol K – ‘Interview’
Seymour’s Fat Lady – Wild Creature
Umez – Rainbow
Chips for the Poor – Flight 7070 (HG Archive)
Jude Hagg Vs. The Hand of Stabs – My God
Broken Banko – I Noah
Jail – Nice Day to Know You
Skinny Girl Diet – 14 16 18 (LIVE SESSION)
Skinny Girl Diet – DMT (LIVE SESSION)
Skinny Girl Diet – Blazin’ (LIVE SESSION)
Skinny Girl Diet – Homesick (LIVE SESSION)
Art Trip & the Static Sound – Psilocybin
Skinny Girl Diet – ‘Interview’

Presented by: deXter Bentley, Ean Ravenscroft & Dan Frost
Live sound engineers: Kacper Ziemianin< Tom Kemp & Joe Oldfield