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Hello GoodBye – 01.02.14 – Ft: The House Band, Ruby Day + The Sound of Antler

The Sound Of Antler
Ruby Day
The House Band
Live music today on Resonance FM‘s Hello GoodBye from The House Band, Ruby Day and The Sound of Antler.

The House Band – Believe Me I’m Lying (LIVE SESSION)
The House Band – So Cool (LIVE SESSION)
The House Band – In Harmony (LIVE SESSION)
The House Band – So Cruel (LIVE SESSION)
The House Band – Don’t Make Me Break Your Heart (LIVE SESSION)
Paper Dollhouse – William
The House Band – ‘interview’
The Pit Ponies – Deptford Love Song (HG archive)
Good Throb – Headache
Jenny Moore – Skinny Jeans
Tristan Burfield – Tune On A Gameboy (HG archive)
Ruby Day – Let’s Sing (LIVE SESSION)
Ruby Day – Ghosts (LIVE SESSION)
Ruby Day – Battles – Hudson Taylor cover – (LIVE SESSION)
Ruby Day – We’ll Be Alright (LIVE SESSION)
Ruby Day – ‘interview’ (with Lisa Geurts)
Stereocilia – Dawn Chorus
Pete Seeger – Take It From Dr. King (HG archive)
Tom Paley – Shove The Pigs Foot A Little Further In The Fire (HG archive)
Gerry Mitchell & Little Sparta ft. Vicky Steer – The Empress
The Sound Of Antler – Nieuwe Zorg [New Worry] (LIVE SESSION)
The Sound Of Antler – Cooper (LIVE SESSION)
The Sound Of Antler – Smoke (LIVE SESSION)
The Sound Of Antler – Poirot (LIVE SESSION)

Presented by: deXter Bentley, Lisa Geurts + Beth Rogers
Live sound engineer: Tom Kemp assisted by Lisa Geurts + Beth Rogers

Hello GoodBye – 26.10.13 – Fty: Gertrude, Council Tax Band + Ruby Day

Council Tax Band
Ruby Day

Gertrude, Council Tax Band and Ruby Day perform live in the studio this Saturday lunchtime.

Listen again: HERE

Gertrude – Let’s Go (LIVE SESSION)
Gertrude – Perfect O (LIVE SESSION)
Gertrude – Probationary Citizen (LIVE SESSION)
Gertrude – Warm Rain (LIVE SESSION)
Lene Lovich – Lucky Numnber
Gertrude – ‘Interview’
The Tumbledryer Babies – Be My Wife
The Pheromoans – Men In Black Satin
Nathan Persad – We’re Back On
Please – Clothes
blurt – Let Them Be
Shopping – Hard As Nails
Piper’s Son – City Ghosts
Council Tax Band – March Of The Minute Takers (LIVE SESSION)
Council Tax Band – Ironic / Moronic (LIVE SESSION)
Council Tax Band – We’re All In This Together (LIVE SESSION)
Council Tax Band – Music For People Who Don’t Really Like Music (LIVE SESSION)
Council Tax Band – The Bigger The Budget (LIVE SESSION)
Council Tax Band – Lizard Brain (LIVE SESSION)
Council Tax Band – ‘Interview’
The Wave Pictures – Shell
Ruby Day – A Little Seasick (LIVE SESSION)
Ruby Day – Changing Locks (LIVE SESSION)
Ruby Day – ‘Interview’

Presenters: deXter Bentley + Dan Frost
Live sound engineers: Sarah Nicol + Mike Channon (assisted by: Lisa Geurts + Beth Rogers)