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Hello GoodBye – 27.10.12 – Attila the Stockbroker, Robb Johnson & Patrik Fitzgerald *LIVE*

This week deXter Bentley gives the helm to performance poet/songwriter Attila the Stockbroker to guide you over the airwaves for the full 90 minutes of The Hello GoodBye Show.

He’ll be doing a few pieces of his own and introducing two special guests: radical singer/songwriter Robb Johnson and the original punk poet, Patrik Fitzgerald.

He’ll also be playing some of his favourite music old and new including tracks from the brilliant new albums by Dexys, Secret Affair and Thee Faction among others…

Attila the Stockbroker – Prince Harry’s Knob (LIVE SESSION)
T.Rextasy – Cigarettes & Alcohol
Patrik Fitzgerald – The Company Bus (LIVE SESSION)
Attila the Stockbroker – Asylum Seeking Daleks (LIVE POEM)
Thee Faction – Customer
Robb Johnson – Old Punks Called Dave (LIVE SESSION)
Louise Distras – The Hand You Hold
Attila the Stockbroker – North Korea mourns comrade Mickey Finn of T.Rex (LIVE POEM)
Robb Johnson – When Saturday Comes (LIVE SESSION)
Dexy’s – Free
Attila the Stockbroker – The Marxist Tomato Grower (LIVE POEM)
Patrik Fitzgerald – The Serving Classes (LIVE SESSION)
Secret Affair – Walk Away
Attila the Stockbroker – Passport to Paradise (LIVE POEM)
Robb Johnson – The Spawn of Tony Blair (LIVE SESSION)
Half Man Half Biscuit – Something’s rotten in the back of Iceland
Parik Fitzgerald – Inside Me There Is Nothing (LIVE SESSION)
Pog – The Pigeon Lady
Attila the Stockbroker – Spirit of the Age (LIVE POEM)
Merry Hell – The War Between Ourselves
Attila the Stockbroker – Never Too Late (LIVE POEM)
Attila the Stockbroker – Bye Bye Banker (LIVE SESSION)

Presented by: Attila the Stockbroker & deXter Bentley
Live sound engineers: Kacper Ziemianin, Tom Kemp & Damian Jaracz