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Free Lab Radio – Egyptian Sa’aidi Hardcore/ Baladi Breakbeat

11pm Saturday – a special one hour mix for Resonance104.4fm: “After This” by Mutamassik, made on 2 turntables, a CD walkman for original tracks, and a broken mixer. Featuring tracks from the upcoming 2012, vinyl-only release “Rekkez” on ini.itu records.

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“After revolutions, what do you put in place?I completely lost the illusion that metropolis like New York, London and Tokyo are the ultimate hubs of activity, power points on maps, the epicenters of life.  The irony and truth is that their very breath depends on an enormous, rhizomatic, artificial life-support system that trucks,ships, flies in provisions from all kinds of unfashionable places to sustain it’s millions.  A city cannot produce enough food for even a fraction of its population.  If people do not eat, they die…
Wishik “your face”.  My mother sings an old Egyptian song, “Min ellak teskoun fe Haretna“, the words of which were intended as a love song, but double paradoxically well as a resistance poem:
“How dare you come and live in our street
You are occupying us and you’re cramping our style
We don’t have any more comfort.
Find a solution for our situation,
Otherwise leave this place
And go somewhere else.”