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Hello GoodBye Show 12 February 2011 with Jack Hayter and Pheromoans

Two wonderful live sessions for you today from Jack Hayter, the ex-Hefner multi-instrumentalist now exploring his English folk influences, and lo-fi, high volume garage band Pheromoans. Also, episode four of Duncan McAfee’s Your Voice Travels, a sound art exploration of the relationship between the human voice and the self.

Track list:

Piper’s Son – Equal To The House
Private Trousers – Round The Bend
Pheromoans – Crank Calls (LIVE SESSION)
Pheromoans – Derby Joan & Fosters (LIVE SESSION)
Pheromoans – Children Of The Beatles (aka: Not Doing Nothing) (LIVE SESSION)
Pheromoans – Robotic Son (LIVE SESSION)
Pheromoans – Background Rockabilly (LIVE SESSION)
Pheromoans – Slime Days (LIVE SESSION)
Gerry Mitchell & Little Sparta – Another Pulse In The Dark
Flame Proof Moth – Women Should Be In Charge
Design A Wave – Remedy
Pheromoans – Interview
Duncan McAfee – Your Voice Travels (Episode 4)
Jack Hayter – A Simple Song (LIVE SESSION)
Jack Hayter – A Dolls House (LIVE SESSION)
Jack Hayter – Let Me Sleep (LIVE SESSION)
Jack Hayter – I Stole The Cutty Sark (LIVE SESSION)
Comus – Bitten
The Mekons – Teeth
Jack Hayter – Interview
The Monochrome Set – The Monochrome Set