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Six Pillars – The Iranian Funk Scene

When you hear this stuff you are transported. So much energy and such a fine example of east-west musical balance.  On hearing these tracks the mind is drawn down images of side streets throbbing with nightclubs and bright fashion, in a setting of affluence and passionate youth.  The 70’s was a culture boom of fashion, music and norms in Iran that has not yet been equaled.  To top this, many Iranians left Iran never to return in the late 70s, so the era has become iconic.

Fari Bradley talks to Arash Saedinia, a Los Angeles-based music enthusiast and creator of the Fars Funk website, about his passion for vintage Persian popular recordings.


Synthesizing indigenous traditions and Western influences, Iranian artists created a notable body of left-field psychedelic, rock, funk, and folk songs in the sixties and seventies. The show features songs from “Pomegranates”, a compilation of Persian pop gems due later this year from B-Music.

This programme was originally broadcast on Monday 16th June 2008 13.30

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Six Pillars – Googoosh Special

A look at Googoosh, ‘the daughter of Iran’ introducing her to those who’ve never heard of her, celebrating her for those who love her, and talking with the documentary maker who made the only film about her. Farhad Zamani managed to do this while Googoosh was still in Iran and still banned from singing or appearing in public. The film was released at the very moment the government were thinking of letting her leave in 2000, a landmark date. This intensely psychological film contains rare footage and interviews with those around Googoosh, building up an in-depth picture of someone who though alive, does not appear. At the same time Zamani uses experimental editing techniques to relay the tension and underline certain issues, all the while doing as Googoosh had done for many years: speaking through that which cannot be spoken.

Six Pillars to Persia is an English Language program celebrating Iranian outsider arts and modern Persian heritage. Mondays 1.30pm GMT, Sundays 8.30pm GMT

This program was broadcast on March 3rd 2008 from the Audio Visual 08 festival Museum Of Modern Art Middlesborough.