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Hello GoodBye – 06.04.13 – Ft: Knalpot + Flame Proof Moth

Flame Proof Moth

World class talent graces Hello GoodBye once more!

Featuring live music from Knalpot and Flame Proof Moth.

With dub, rock, electronic noise, ambient and jazz as its main pillars, Knalpot’s sound always remains an utterly hybrid mix of many genres.

Flame Proof Moth (formerly Boycott Coca-Cola Experience) employs a droll, visionary, poetic stream of conciousness to a backdrop of ramshackle, abstract, folk / blues electric guitar.

Woman’s Hour – Our love has no rhythm
Robyn Hitchcock – The Lizard
Knalpot – La Luna (LIVE SESSION)
Knalpot – Prrrt (LIVE SESSION)
Knalpot – Tom 1 (LIVE SESSION)
Graduale Nobili – Óskasteinn
Knalpot – ‘interview’
Serafina Steer – Disco Compilation
Dog Chocolate – I want to give birth
Joe Gideon & the Shark – Poor Born
Lime Headed Dog – She stamped on her pet
Halo Halo – Manananggal
Art Trip & the Static Sound – Machine Gun
Skinny Girl Diet – Eyes that paralyze
Flame Proof Moth – Are you trying to tell me I haven’t got a good pen today? (LIVE SESSION)
Flame Proof Moth – Jools Holland (LIVE SESSION)
Flame Proof Moth – Taking it steady (LIVE SESSION)
Flame Proof Moth – I used to be a Kalahari Bushman (LIVE SESSION)
Flame Proof Moth – ‘interview’

Presented by: Ean Ravenscroft and Dan Frost
Live sound engineers: Kacper Ziemianin

Hello GoodBye Show 26 February 2011: Design A Wave, Gerry Mitchell and Flame Proof Moth

Performing live in session on HG today we had Design A Wave, Flame Proof Moth and Gerry Mitchell.

Taking time off as keyboardist in the mighty Faust meets Sparks mash-up that is Cleckhuddersfax, Tom Hirst performs intense, hypnotic electro music as Design-A-Wave, all warm analogue synths and reverb vocals. Design-A-Wave sounds like what the future used to sound like, when it was still mysterious and magical, before it became the present and then the past.

Flame Proof Moth is Tim Siddall’s new project following the retirement of The Boycott Coca-Cola Experience. Whereas BCCE set out to save the world after over-dosing on Resonance FM’s Max Keiser (The Truth About Markets), FPM is just trying to enjoy what little time we have left. Despite the seemingly left-field nature of his new album Women Should Be In Charge, Flame Proof Moth is convinced he’s ready for a brush with the mainstream. Hard-talking managers should apply to flameproofmoth@gmail.com.

Also, our resident poet Gerry Mitchell phones up to recite his – hot off the back of a fag packet – epic poem entitled; ‘The Empire Of My Heart’.

Track List:

This Heat – SPQR
Design A Wave – ‘Medley’ (LIVE SESSION)
Nought – Wet Sex Anesthetic
Design A Wave – Interview
Cove – Show Me Your Nature
Baaneex – Jumpin’ Chinese Restaurant
Gerry Mitchell – The Empire Of My Heart (LIVE TELEPHONE LINK)
Dear Puppeteer – The Magician’s Assistant (Episode 8 – Outtake)
The Monochrome Set – Alphaville (HG Archive)
Sergeant Buzfuz – Knock Knock Knock
Flame Proof Moth – Retail Opera (LIVE SESSION)
Flame Proof Moth – Thomas Rymer (LIVE SESSION)
Flame Proof Moth – Song Commissioned By Dept. Of Energy & Climate Change (LIVE SESSION)
Flame Proof Moth – Women Should Be In Charge (LIVE SESSION)
The Magic Lantern – The Bridge
The Outshine Family – Seven Tongues Tasting The Night
Flame Proof Moth – Interview